Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back in the Hospital

I guess it's obvious that the kids are in town because posts are more difficult to squeeze in these days.  I am writing this post in the cafeteria of Methodist Hospital as we wait for Buddy to be admitted again because he is running a fever.

Bernadette, Ruffy's wife, is watching the kids now, taking them to Dave and Buster's and continuing their playdate at their home until one of us is back home.

Buddy's sister-cousins, Rissa and Rinna, are also here with us before they fly out later. They had a happy reunion yesterday which was great for Buddy's spirits.

The past week was generally calm as we try to get into the groove of things, although Buddy's not feeling so hot lately and his spirits are a bit down as we realize how difficult this will really be.

Here's a quick pic taken right before Rissa and Rinna left for the airport.


  1. Thanks for the update Ria. It's good to see the kids there.
    Please give Buddy our love. We're praying for all of you.
    - Maris

  2. Hi Mommy Hi Daddy This is Bianca and I'm always praying for you to become completely better(for daddy)