Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the eyes of my children

My kids.  How are they taking this new change in their lives?  Being transplanted on a couple days notice to the USA, leaving behind their friends?  We told them a couple of weeks ago that they'll be here for awhile.  They would be enrolling in new schools in Minnesota.  They secretly told Trinna that they were a bit nervous about meeting new friends.

I asked Luis the other day, "what's your favorite part of being in the US?".  He didn't even hesitate, "our cousins!".  CJ and Sarah Festin are always here to play with them.  They enjoy each other's company so much.  

The inseparable cousins last Mother's Day, May 12, 2013.

Anna Mojica (Mike's daughter) came up to hang out with them for two days the other week.  Fantastic fun at the mall, aquarium, pool.  Yesterday, Carlos De La Fuente and one of their older cousins, Trishka Sanchez came to take them out (Thanks Ginger & Gil De La Fuente & Tim Bruess!). They can't wait to see Katherine Mojica (she was sick earlier).  One of the (unexpected) blessings of this journey is for my kids to discover their cousins.

Here they are after their tiring day driving from Chicago and then taking the kids to the Mall of America.

When I was younger, I still remember counting the days that young cousins would come to visit us.  I cherished those moments more than anything to the point where I knew I wanted to live in the Philippines again someday (which came true).

The cousins have made the kids' transition a bit easier in the past two weeks.  How easy is it to understand why mommy & daddy keep coming in and out of the hospital and all the other stuff happening?  No matter, they're kids and we want them to enjoy just being kids.  Being kids is so much easier when they hang out with their other kid cousins.

One of my favorite "mood changers" is to simply sit around and listen to 'THE NOISE'.  Every parent with kids between 6-12 knows what this is.  It's a non-stop chatter, about kids' shows, video games, random info from the Internet, everything.  It's wonderful to listen to.  It's great therapy to help get through the health issues.

They're enjoying other things like the weather, food.  It's a new life for them.  It's a new life for all of us for now.  We want to make the best of it, every minute.  So far, they are!!


Postscript...by Ria

Buddy was discharged last Friday in time to celebrate Mother's Day with us at home.  We were happy to just not be at the hospital and my only request was not to cook that day so we ordered Chinese:)

Today was a very good day. Mom and I went with Luis on a tour of Buddy's alma mater, Benilde St. Margaret's where Luis will be studying this year, and he was suitably impressed at how different it is from his experience of schooling in the Philippines (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they will each be given a Macbook Air on the 1st day of school).  We are all excited for this great opportunity for him to expand his horizons and just try new things. He even posed by Buddy's graduation photo.

Today was the 1st day the temp hit the 90s and the 1st day Bud went with us to the park. Luis volunteered to push Bud in his wheelchair all the way and back; and we are so proud of how helpful he has become since arriving here, even without being asked to...

Hope all days will be like today...



  1. Panganay na panganay si Luis! Good job! Swerte niya ah, here in the Philippines he got a Galaxy Tab, there naman a Macbook Air!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Ri! I am glad that God gifted you guys with a great weekend and the best Mother's Day gift --- having Buddy back home with the family. Here's looking forward to even better days ahead! -- Buda

  3. I hope all days will be like that and get even better! God is good! We continue to pray. - Trinna

  4. this post made me smile so wide I had to remind myself it's just a laptop screen that I'm looking at. love to all five of you!


  5. Love seeing the smiles from all of you. Such a happy moment and we continue to pray for all of you.
    - Liza, Nelo and Nikko

  6. I claim that the next days will be like this. You are all an inspiration.

  7. Looking FAB Bud!!! :) I knew the robe would look good on you! So happy to know that you're
    using it. :) YES, I could relate to those cousin bonding days. We treasured every moment when
    we visited you guys in Minneapolis and Manila during our growing up days! So AMAZING how
    close we got despite the long distance with no Email, Skype, Viber etc ... just our snail mails. :)
    Love you Kid Bro!