Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Global Sources - My wonderful team

I've always been mentioning my friends and family in my blog posts.  I have to mention that many of friends are actually the people that I work with at Global Sources.  Some of them I've worked with for 15 years.  I can't mention them all but from Merle, Spenser, Tommy, Brandon, James S., Philip, Sarah and Ron, Mark S., Brent, Peter, Bennie, Graham, Claudius, Suzanne, Connie, Chuck, Mike S, Bill J., Alex B and the Hinrich Foundation, thank you for your messages.  Brandon is even Skyping me at odd hours in Asia.  Amitabh, Shishir and the India team, Ms. Jung and the Korea team, Din Han, Anna and the VN and rest of SE Asia team, the World's Greatest Trade Show Team (Alexis, Flora, Tricia, Minnie, Nicole, Tracy, Ida, Rex) to Seema, Manoj, Brendon, Melody, the folks in HKG, Florence, Yvonne, Holly, Teresa, Jackie, Will C., Felix, Alinda, Mark G., and all the Southmark team, the wonderful folks in the Philippines, Rufus, Grace and the Accts team, Bernie and Editorial Team, my former GS team of page developers, Jackie, Jasper, Rod, Tina.  To my dear friend Minesh, who calls regularly to check on me.  Thanks.  To other former GS team members such as Nick and to all of you who have sent your wishes, thank you.  To those who I haven't mentioned, my apologies, I simply can't name all who have sent me well wishes as the messages, prayers, thoughts have been overwhelming.  I'm so honored to have all of you supporting me through this. I need to make special mention of my Asst. Office Manager, Mars Ilagan, who has done so much for me through all of this. 

I have talked about the family and friends who have been my support.  However, for 15 years, Global Sources has been such a huge part of my life, having provided me with the opportunity to come to Asia and do what I truly love to do and what I am passionate about.  Global Sources is part of my family.

Good days are outnumbering the bad now which feels even better.  Yesterday (May 20) admittedly was "bad".  I had dialysis in the morning which wiped me out and my heart medication began to react to lower my heart rate to a low level (42bpm) and my blood pressure got too low.  I also got my weekly dose of Chemotherapy which made me feel a bit funky later in the day.  To help out my heart, my doctor Ruffy Festin (also my cousin) changed the medication doses which is why I feel really good today.  Today, I woke up feeling great.  Really feeling good.  One measure is that I could actually get up the stairs 2x without getting light headed.  To me, that's a major accomplishment right now.

I decided to get my work PC and go through emails which I did for the better part of 4 hours.  I sent out a couple of longer mails re: our upcoming show in Miami, as well as to the India team and to the Korea team.  It felt great to actually be working, even though it's from the USA right now!  I know that my brain is still working and now that I had some time, I wanted to contribute to what I feel I do well.  I also know that I will be back at full strength at some point, although that is still some ways off.  My heart is now under control, my kidneys are just starting to come back, my lungs are not 100% yet and my GI bleeding is now under control.  My Chemo is just starting the 2nd stage of 6 stages so I have to be patient.That being said, I feel great today and I hope to be feeling even better in the future. To my Global Sources family, I want to rejoin you as soon as possible.

My birthday is tomorrow, May 22.  This one is a gift from God and from all of you who have been praying for me  Thank you.  

Lastly, I've received a few comments (as well as my own comments) that I'm going to beat Cancer.  In the spirit of the 80's and knowing that so many people enjoyed my previous video post, please take a step back 20+ years and watch this video.  Yet another reason to make you smile.


  1. oh BAD 80s music aside....I am happy to hear that your Birthday Eve is a good day! I hope tomorrow is another one, maybe with less work/emails and a little more fun! Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Buddy!
    :) to you all -
    Megan Kern

  2. Happy Birthday Buddy! There will be better days ahead and we know that you can indeed beat it! Enjoy your day with Ria and the kids and your family. We continue to pray for your healing! God bless!

    - Liza, Nelo and Nikko

  3. Happy happy birthday dearest Buddy!

    We're overjoyed to hear about improvements in your condition and thrilled to see your handsome face with the ever present million dollar smile!

    We are with you every step of the way, and will never stop praying for you and your family. God is so good and never fails those who keep their hope and faith in Him.

    You are an inspiration to all of us, so keep smiling and keep on fighting! We will definitely beat this thing together!

    Have a wonderful day and may the good days keep on outnumbering the bad ones- Much love from the Mojicas of 35 Kalinga ( from your Tito Arturo, Ninang Elena, Mona, Aldo, Gigi and Sam, Dante and family, Mia, Bert and kids, Manolo, Jo and kids, Art, Nancy and family, to Bok, Maryrose, Sofia and your godson Matthew - all part of your army of prayer warrriors :)

  4. Happy Birthday Armando! We are so happy to hear from you directly, and to know that your condition is improving and your strength is regaining. We will keep on including you and your family in our group prayers which we do before and after our team meeting. Your positiveness, inspires us more than ever. Happy Birthday again from Manila Sales Team – Maileen, Shar, Ritzel, Joanne and Guilbert. PS. It's your turn to treat us pizza once you are back here in Manila!

  5. Happy B'Day Armando, nice to hear fm you via your blog. I got to know about how strong you are & your fighting skills. Happy to know that you're improving. Our wishes are always with you and we (India Team) are eagerly waiting for you to join us soon. Enjoy your b'day :)


    With lots of Wishes,

  6. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!I wish that you regain your health soon. Get well soon praying for you and your family always.

  7. Happy Birthday Armando! I don't know if you could recall me as an ex-Global Sources colleague, I am sending you all my best wishes and truly believe you will beat and conquer the disease. In my impression, your big and friendly smile has already been your brand, keep it and it will bring you good luck.

    Jennifer Yao (pray from Shanghai)

  8. Love the video! Happy birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday from France Armando. Thinking of you and your family.
    Stephanie Pothier (Global Sources European Agent)

  10. Happy Birthday Tito Bud!

    Glad things are looking up. Nick and I really enjoyed spending time with your kids last week. They're so smart, I couldn't get anything past them - especially Nadya! :)

    Take Care


  11. BAD 80s music or BAD 80s clothes?! Ahhh, the memories! Sending you early happy birthday wishes, Buddy. Thanks for sharing your story with us. You ARE going to BEAT IT!

    Jen Duesman

  12. Happy Birthday, Armando! It's great to see you beating this.

    Best wishes to your family, too.


  13. Happy birthday, Buddy .
    Keep your spirit high and never give up.

  14. Armando,after reading the blog to know everything is going well with you, I could not help crying, but it was because of joy!Yes, I am very happy that you feel better now! I think god must be moved by your gallantry and our prayers. Happy 18th Birthday! From the pics you post, I see the sunshine which means brightness and hope...We all are missing you and eager to see you better soon!

    Best Regards,

    Tracy from Shenzhen

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Armando. we are preying god to help you to beat the cancer. Get well soon Armando :)