Wednesday, June 5, 2013


My doctor called me up just now.  "Armando, you no longer have to be on dialysis."  My kidneys have come back to regular function!  He also said, "your potassium is too low, you need to eat bananas and pizza!"  I can't tell you how happy I am!

One month ago, per my earlier post, the same doctor told me that after Amyloidosis affects the kidneys, that kidney recover is "very rare".  He told me now that my recovery is "very rare".   WOW!!!!

To those who have had kidney problems, I can share your difficulties, having experienced not going to the washroom for 4 days, experiencing little or no output for more than 2 weeks.  To all dialysis patients worldwide, I know what you go through 3 times a week, sitting at a dialysis center for 3.5-4 hours each day, time and having your blood filtered.  Seeing nurses more than you see your own family, having no kidney function indefinitely.  I thought that was going to be me.  Through the grace of God and through everyone's prayers, I now no longer have to go to the Dialysis Center.  For those who still need to go to Dialysis, my turn to pray for them.  I told the nurses that I'm buying lunch for all of them.  They have been wonderful.

To the wonderful people of Holy Name Parish and my parents' friends here in MN and in the USA who have been praying for me in the USA, thank you.  I met a number of them this morning and I got a bit emotional as I truly felt the power of their prayers, though I have only met some of them for the first time today. My parents, my awesome (83 year old dad who looks and has the strength of someone 30 years younger) dad and my loving, fantastic mom, have done so much to gather their team of prayer warriors to join us in our journey.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My love to all of you. 

My kidneys returning is another step in the journey but it's a HUGE ONE!

Here's the photo of the day.  The photo is my June 4 blood test scores.  One is my creatinine score (the 1.3 is normal) and the the GFR score (59 is almost normal).  The scores on the the right are the older ones (from May 30) so you can see the progression of improvement.  

Great #s!


  1. Hi Boss, just heard from Chie and Mars about your current situation back in the US. At first, I was shocked when I heard about you illness but when I saw your blog tonight, I can see that God really works in miraculous ways and firmly believe in His power to cure any sickness. I can see that you're recovering very fast and I know that you can defeat that illness with the help of the holy spirit and the grace from GOD. Rest assured that we will include you and your entire family in our daily Rosary prayer. Hope to read more good news from your daily blogs. Keep the faith and continue to believe in miracles. Your friend who can jump from rooftops...Dennis

  2. You know what this means, right?

    Put on the 80's music and the sky-high hair and pump up the volume...pump up the volume....!

    ;-)) - Buda

  3. Congratulations, Walking Miracle you! This is fantastic news! Gave me goose bumps to read that you blew right through the odds of regaining full kidney function. Ang galing! Lots of thanksgiving prayers going up to heaven today ! !

    -Carmina del Fonso

  4. Blessed!!! God works on you... :-)


  5. That you are off dialysis is unbelievable! It is proof once more that if God takes you TO it, the grace of God will take you THROUGH it. Your strong spirit and the prayers of family and friends contributed to the reversal. May more good news continue to come our way. Hugs! Tito Ben

  6. Inocentes family is doing the dance of joy! Remember how Balki Bartokomous did it in the 80s sitcom Perfect Strangers used to do it? So happy for you Buddy! Will continue to pray for your healing :-)
    - pot

  7. yehey yay for daddy we should keep praying for daddy because prayers ALWAYS work!!!-your daughter Bianca

  8. Totally agree with Bianca! Prayers always work - so we will keep praying! So happy for you. - Trinna

  9. Really happy to hear that you're off the dialysis, Armando. Wishing you even better days ahead!

    - Jason Duarte

  10. God is great all the time! We praise and thank Jesus for this wonderful updates. We are praying for your complete healing and speedy recovery ever since you left for the States, offering masses and praying the rosary every night. Thank you Mama Mary for your mighty intercession!

    Rest assured of our continued prayers for you dear Buddy, Ria and the kids. We love you guys!

    Manolo, Jo, Jomarie and Tashe Mojica

  11. Congratulations, Armando!

    - Meghla

  12. wonderful news, buddy! :)