Saturday, June 22, 2013

Looking back at my past, opportunities going forward

A quick update on my blood tests.  The test for the level of Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) is by measuring Kappa Light Chains in your blood.  Normal is between .3 - 1.94.  When I was first diagnosed, my scores were over 1000+.  On Thursday June 21, a bit more than 2 months after my diagnosis, the test result with 1.43, in the normal range!  The medication and prayers are working!

This weekend we all went down to visit Mike, Lisa and his family in Chicago.  Today, Mike and I decided to go to Notre Dame, our Alma Mater while Ria and the kids hung out with Lisa and their kids.  I haven't been to Notre Dame since 1991.  Wow, have things changed on campus.  I didn't recognize half of the place.  But, the places that I did remember brought back good memories.  The Golden Dome, the Library with Touchdown Jesus, my dorm Morrissey Manor were all places that I would see every day back in 1986-90.  But one place that I made sure to spend time at was the Grotto.  I made a promise to Mama Mary back in 1990 that I would come back someday.  I didn't expect to be coming back to thank Mama Mary for answering all of our prayers and thanking her for the life I've been living since I graduated from the school.

When I was at Notre Dame, I did struggle a bit.  I changed majors 5x and still graduated in 4 years but my grades were admittedly not spectacular.  However, I would never have had the life I've had if I didn't experience what I did at ND.  Because of ND, I went on to work in Germany, in the Philippines and developed my passion to work in International locations which is how I've developed my whole career.  Eventually, I ended up at Thunderbird for my Masters degree and in Manila where I met Ria.  The rest is history.

Where to go from here?  Due to my unexpected illness, we're in the USA, building our lives with Ria and the kids from a new location.  Life in the USA is much different from the Philippines but it gives our kids more opportunity to learn and  see what I experienced when I was their age.  I realized that despite my struggles at ND, I still made the most of all the opportunities that came out.  By being now in the USA for now, we'll also make the most of all of the opportunities here!



  1. So good to see you up and about and all around town! Super good news about the levels of your kappa chains. Mama Mary - the most powerful intercessor! - trinna

  2. It's great to see you looking good, Armando, and to know the treatment's working well. We're eagerly waiting to see you back here.


  3. It is good to know you are getting well and well.And I believe that you will be back to us soon.


  4. that's good news. we are very happy to hear that...God is so good....continue praying....miracles can just happen anytime. I remember when our youngest had his surgery in the throat.After the surgery, the lump was still there.When he saw me crying over the phone, he told me"mama, don't cry, bring me to Padre Pio and I will be cured". Gus, Vince and I brought him to Padre Pio's shrine in Libis. He immediately got hold of Padre Pio's hand and placed it in his throat and said "please take it out cause it is heavy already". for 6 months, he would always remind me before going to school and before bedtime to rub oil in his neck, which I did daily....then one was gone....I was not feeling any lump and so I brought him back to the ENT surgeon. The test showed it was gone....A miracle.....God and Mama Mary are always with you and your family.....Don't give up.....
    Keep up the positive attitude.....Give my regards to Ria and Vince says Hi to Luis....

    Gus, Rochelle, Vince and Luke

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  6. Hi Armando,

    Glad to see you are doing great! I haven't been able to comment in the past, but I've seen your blog a while back and you are in my prayers.

    Mark Moje

  7. Hi Armando,

    So happy to read your latest post. Our prayers are indeed being answered. I have included you in my nightly prayers to St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

    You did go to Notre Dame for college. My husband and I go there every now and then for mass and visits to the grotto. It's just 30 minutes from where we live in Goshen, IN.

    Keep the faith and stay happy.

    Regie del Rosario-Jackson