Friday, June 7, 2013

My Prayer Warriors in Minnesota

What a wonderful day.  I started out with physical therapy, walking for 25 minutes on the treadmill and then doing upper body exercises.  It was a bit of an accomplishment for me to do 20 bicep curl reps with 2 lb weights but my arms had atrophied so much that it felt so good to exercise them.

Ria and I then visited the Davita Dialysis Center and brought Chinese food for all my nurses who took such good care of me during my 3x/week dialysis sessions.  I wanted to say goodbye to them as I had now "graduated" from dialysis.  My nurses told me that my recovery was remarkable.  I also said goodbye and prayed for my fellow dialysis patients. 

Later this evening, I met my mom's Marian Prayer Group at Holy Name Church who have been praying for me since the very beginning of my illness.  I wanted to say thank you to them for all their prayers and for them to know that my recent rapid recovery has really been because of the prayers that they and others have offered. 

I also want to mention the Medina Community Bible Study group led by Patrick Hofkes of 12 who have also offered so many prayers for me.  I also have a group of 120 multi-denominational members (who the group of 12 belong to) who have been so supportive in praying for me.  Thank you.    

I feel great.  Now that my kidneys have healed, the focus now is on addressing my cancer, amyloidosis and dealing with my related heart issues.  Still a long way to go but well on the right path, with God and with all of the help of my prayer warriors.  

Marian Prayer Group, Kathy Snyder, Ruth Bunda, Wanda Sweeney, Claudette Washington and my mom!

My Dialysis Nurse Cheryl

My Dialysis Nurse Dawn

My Dialysis Nurse Robin


  1. Buddy,

    We are celebrating all the good news of your kidneys healing! Praise God for his continued strength and healing for you and quick adjustments for the family. In situations like these, God allows us to see his faithfulness and love for us. Thanks for all the blog posts! Our family enjoys reading them. We will continue to pray for your full healing and recovery!

    MJ & Sahrie

  2. Love it! Keep getting stronger! - Trinna