Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Embracing the future, not dreading it!

Sunday, Nov. 10

"How will it feel if all my hair falls out?"
"Will my kids freak out when they see me bald?"
"My appearance is going to radically change"

Many people (and now including me) have faced this issue with Chemotherapy causing their hair to fall out.  Up to now, the Chemo that I've been taking has only had the effect of thinning my hair, but I haven't lost it.  Since Chemo stopped 3 weeks ago, not surprisingly, the thinning stopped.  

That being said, I knew that with the upcoming Stem Cell Transplant this week, all of my hair would fall out regardless.  Rather than dread the "hair fall" when it happened, Ria and I decided to embrace it, celebrate it, and share the occasion with my family and friends.  So, for the first time ever, I had my head shaved.  And, I brought Ria, my kids, my best friend John and my dad to come for the occasion. 

After lunch, we went over to Great Clips near our hotel.  I told the stylist what we wanted to do and she noted that a number of other transplant patients decide to have the same thing done. 

So, here I am with my new look.  Ria says she would have fallen for me even with no hair.  My kids took photos, videos, and Bianca even saved my old hair in a plastic bag!  Now, they can't get freaked out when they see me with no hair in a few weeks.  John said I look "much tougher". 

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  It feels kind of cool...literally...to have the new hairdo...or rather "No Hairdo".  Yet another step in the journey.  Instead of dreading it, we enjoyed it!

Our love and best wishes to you all.  More updates this week!


  1. I'm in awe of you Buddy, thanks to you and Ria for sharing your journey with us. Your grace and sense of humor are such a gift. I love the photos. Keeping you both and your family in my prayers.

  2. We love your new look buddy! According to the chicas- handsome pa rin! - pot

  3. It's a great look! You and your family are very inspiring as your positive outlook through this difficult part of your life journey. I have been keeping and will continue to keep you in my prayers for healing, strength, to be surrounded by love and of course the best outcome!! Thank you for sharing. Peace and blessings, Margareth Canto Ranheim

  4. great look Buddy! You can pull it off!
    Megan Kern

  5. You look awesome! I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow so that I can donate it to Locks of Love. Wednesday, I'm going shopping for wigs with some great girlfriends. When my hair starts to fall out I will be shaving as well. Stay tuned for mine! You've given me inspiration!!!! Best to you and your family, Armando!