Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Good Bone Pain"

Sunday, Nov. 3

Yesterday and today, I received 4 Neupogen shots (2x a day), subcutaneously in the stomach area.  This is the same area where I used to get my Velcade shots when I was still getting Chemo.  The shots don't hurt too much as the needle is very tiny, but the injection takes a while (because the needle is so tiny!).  Neupogen acts with the stem cells in my bone marrow so that they go out into my normal bloodstream so they can be extracted for the transplant. 

Waiting for the Neupogen shot
So, after Day 1 of these shots (yesterday), the common side effect happened.  Bone pain.  Big time discomfort.  Laying in bed hurt.  Sitting down hurt.  Crossing my legs while sitting down hurt.  Sitting while driving was difficult (Ria took over the driving duties).  Standing up didn't hurt as much but wasn't very comfortable.  So, then we go back to Mayo clinic today, for more shots.  The nurses then told me that the pain was due to my bones reacting to the medicine and the stem cells moving into my bloodstream.  They said this was "Good Bone Pain".  Great, but let me tell you, "Good Bone Pain" isn't much fun.  They gave me some medication, Oxycodone.  Oxycodone is really strong stuff.  The medication takes away the pain but it's a narcotic and makes you feel a bit woozy. 

Now I know why I don't like medication.  Yes, the pain was dulled but I didn't like the feeling of "floating around".  I ended up taking a two hour nap.  After the medication wore off, I went with Extra Strength Tylenol instead.  No floating feeling and the pain was mostly dulled.  I can't complain though.  All of this is part of the path to get the transplant.  We'll make it through this.  I know I have the strength to get through it thanks to the support and prayers from everyone.  God didn't let us get this far to be slowed down by "Good Bone Pain". 

This week is Neupogen shots for two more days.  On Tuesday, I get a central venous catheter which is what will be used to extract the stem cells as well as to infuse the Chemo next week and re-infuse the stem cells (also next week).  I don't really like catheters (had one for 8 weeks while I was on dialysis) but this one is for all the best reasons. 

Will keep everyone updated!


  1. You are in our thoughts and prayers Bud, you are strong and can do it!!

  2. Hang in there, Buddy! Stay strong. - Trinna

  3. We believe in you Buds. We believe in you, Ria and the kids. And we know God hears us.
    We're with you, always with you.
    We love you!