Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is more difficult than I thought

We've just spent 5 days at Mayo Clinc.  Renal Function Test, Echocardiogram, EKG, Pulmonary Tests.  We also had meetings with the transplant coordinator, the team in charge of the stem cell extraction and the hematologist.  Yesterday and today, I have Neupogen shots which will help to get my stem cells into my bloodstream so that they can be extracted. 

All of the above hasn't been that hard.  The most difficult part of this whole experience has been leaving the three kids while Mommy & Daddy have to be away for 6 weeks.

On every day since "The Phone Call from Mayo" on Oct. 11, I've been dreading Nov. 1, the day we would drive to Rochester for a 6 week stay.  Yes, this procedure for a stem cell transplant will not be easy at all.  But honestly, saying goodbye to the kids for 6 weeks is much more difficult.  Since the "new normal" has settled into place, living in the USA, seeing the kids every morning and every night, listening to their loudness, their laughing, hearing about their stories of their robotics club, talking about "boys" while on hay rides, watching the creation of a halloween costume of "an Amazon Box"; I now treasure every moment of being with them.  It's wonderful.  Now, we've had to leave them.... again.  I've told them that Mommy and Daddy need to be away so that I can be healthy again.  The three of them and Ria are the biggest reasons why I need to beat this cancer.

Every time that Ria and I see families with their children, I feel a bit sad that Luis, Nadya and Bianca aren't here with us.  But as we know, this journey is a marathon, and for these next 6 weeks, Mommy and Daddy need to be away from home. 

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