Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Sampling of What's to Come

So apparently, the Pamidronate infusion Bud had last Friday was not a simple medicine to relieve him of his joint pains, it is also a form of chemotherapy treatment...and all that post-chemo drama you see on TV and the movies...they're all true.

So yesterday was one of the worst days of his life ever, and it was hard to see him in so much pain...and knowing that there will be more to come.  At some point I just made him promise not give up...ever.

But he had a few good "breaks" during the day.  His best friend John drove over in the morning and brought Steve as a surprise. 

Mike also flew in and helped move us into our new lodgings at Residence Inn.  It's so nice to now have a kitchen, a couch and a dining table.  Mike even did the groceries and we're all set up for the week.   My sister-in-law Lisa even sent a really cool care basket complete with flowers and a vase!  Thanks so much guys!

We had Chinese food delivered for dinner, enough so we're covered for the next day.  Bud was even able to keep a few spoonfuls of orange chicken and rice down for dinner.  We just need to get the knack of these post-chemo effects and it will all be good...



  1. Armando and Ria: It's just after 3:00 a.m. in NY, and I am thinking about the busy week you have ahead of you at the Mayo Clinic. I think it's wonderful and courageous for you to share your difficult journey with others. It will allow those who care about you and love you to know what is happening on this journey, and to surround you and your family with our love and prayers. I believe it will also allow you to focus on what matters most: Armando. Buddy, you may not remember me, but those of us who graduated with Mike remember his little brother. I was saddened to hear the news that you are dealing with unanswered health problems. However, it's so evident by reading through your message and Ria's messages, that you are loved by SO many people around the world...literally. My prayer for you, Ria, and your family far and near is that you get answers to the concerns you've had for awhile, that throughout this unexpected detour on your life's path you feel surrounded by the love that people have for you, and know we are all praying for strength during the battle. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers daily.
    God Bless You, Christine Tuite-Staib ~ B.S.M. Class of 1985

  2. Hi Chris, Of course I remember you. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

  3. You're welcome. A thought: When you think or tell someone "Thank you", remember that that 's just another one of God's soldiers ready to fight this battle with you through love and prayer, so be sure to give a wink or a smile upwards knowing God won't let you fight this battle alone. Besides...I think you get double points on prayers when you acknowledge Him as well. I can't imagine how many Frequent Prayers Points you have in your account at this point. Take care of you. (((((Armando))))), and one for (((((Ria))))) too, because she sounds like an angel send to you many years ago. :)