Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Time To Go

We arrived from Bali last Saturday, March 30 - since the Ambulatory Services of Medical City were still closed, we had to wait til Sunday to pick-up the MRI and Auto-Immune test results.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the 10am mass in Valle 5 since Nadya didn't have choir (Vox Angeli sang at the Easter Vigil the night before), then went straight to MedCity for the results. Luis and I went down to get them as Bud and the girls circled around in the car. I read the MRI results aloud to Bud in the car...they didn't sound good.

Diffuse marrow signal abnormalities in the pelvic bones and bilateral proximal femurs... Correlation with clinical findings and other dignostic modalities (e.g. bone scan) is advised.

As soon as we got home, I scanned the results and sent them to Trinna, she called (actually Face Timed, is this a verb now?) within 10 min looking very serious.  That's when I knew it was time to go to the US.

On Monday, we were seen by Dra. Norma Ona, Hematologist (what a beautiful person she was) and she echoed what my sister said - go to the US as soon as possible - if we weren't already planning to go,  she was ready to do a bone biopsy the next day.  Trinna has been such a blessing these past few weeks, her PGH connections are really working for us - Dra. Ona's son is married to one of Trinna's very good friends and they used to study in their house in their PGH days.

I went with Bud to the office that afternoon to book our plane tickets -- we had wanted to leave on Apr 10 so we can pickup Nadya and Luis from camp on Apr 9 but the flights were already booked - so Apr 8, it is.  I also convinced Bud to upgrade to Business Class, the short 4-hr trip to Bali was already hard for him - and this is a 17-hr trip!

Earlier on Monday morning, Bianca came to me in our room and asked me "Does Daddy have cancer?" OMG! That was so hard to answer, but if there's one rule we follow in our home, it's to never lie to our kids -- so I had to tell her "Maybe, but we're not sure."  That has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with so far.

Later that evening, before dinner, we sat all 3 kids down and told them what's happening...that Daddy might have cancer and we're going to the US to get the best treatment we can find to make sure he gets better and we can go home as soon as possible.  Nadya was the 1st to break down and later on all 5 of us were crying.

Luckily, Rissa and Bong Murga arrived soon enough for dinner, with Bella (Miguel followed later) so we had to cut our crying session short, as they wanted to wish Buddy well before we left.

But other than that, the kids seem to be handling it well, or it hasn't sunk in yet.  They're going to be kept pretty busy in the next few weeks anyway, as we're trying to keep their lives as normal as possible, except without Mommy around, as they're used to Buddy being gone for work, anyway.

Yaya Jen told me that the other day Bianca asked her who was going to take care of her while Mommy and Daddy were gone? poor baby...there's Lola Julie and lots of titas and titos plus Yaya Jen, of course!


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