Monday, April 15, 2013

One More Day

Tomorrow we will most likely know the underlying cause of Buddy's illness, based on the bone marrow biopsy performed this afternoon. Finally. This is what we came here for.

We arrived only one week ago today, but feel that we have been here longer, after the 3 days we have spent at Mayo (5 including the weekend).  Much has been accomplished, but so much more needs to be done. 

Had we postponed our trip another week, there is no way Buddy would have made it here.  Except for inside our hotel room, the only way he gets around now is via wheelchair (I think I will be able to get my wheelchair driving license by the end of the week -- I didn't bump into any other wheelchair patients today!).  

It's not so much that he can't walk, it's that he gets out of breath after walking 50 meters and his hips are hurting.  Sometimes his heart rate suddenly shoots up to 150 beats/minute while he's lying down or sleeping and that wipes him out because it's like he did some heavy-duty cardio exercise without even trying.

Sunday, Apr 14
Yesterday was a relaxing day for us.  It was the first time we had a whole morning alone  together since we arrived (woohoo!) and we just hung out in front of the TV, eating Chinese left-overs.  He was still recovering from the effects of the infusion but  was much better than Saturday.  I tried to make him eat the big hotel breakfast below (which he asked for) but at least he finished the bowl of granola...guess who had to eat the rest?

He was able to speak on the phone with a few cousins: Rinna, Vince and Aldo.  Ruffy & Bernadette and kids drove over in the late afternoon and brought even more supplies (check out our very full fridge), flowers and a cute drawing by Sarah. 

Monday, Apr 15
Today wasn't as busy as the other 2 days here at Mayo but is probably the most significant due to the bone marrow biopsy (BMB).

We started out with a 10am meeting with Dr. Witt who informed us that the Cardio MRI showed "no sign of amyloid involvement", which, on its own, is very good news...but given all the other symptoms, is quite confusing and really needs the BMB to be of more use.  Bud didn't sleep well last night as his heart rate started acting funky again so Dr. Witt decided to do a 24-hr  holster starting tom noon.

After a quick rest in the hotel, we went in for the BMB at 1:15. I was able to go inside and watch as the nurse prepped him but not watch the procedure.  The actual procedure was really fast... faster than the pre and post preps.  He said he didn't even feel a thing and the next thing he knew they were wheeling him back to where I was.  We learned about what happened at the Boston Marathon as Bud was recovering.

Then we went up to the 14th floor for a Skeletal Xray.  We were back at the hotel by 5pm and eating dinner by 6pm -- Chinese delivery again (so Pinoy, we all miss eating rice) -- and in bed by 7:30.

On a side note, my NutriBullet arrived today and we are ready to "shake" things up and start drinking green -- in the photo we have a spinach, banana, pineapple and strawberry smoothie.  Need to get me some superfoods when we get back to Plymouth :)



  1. Buddy is lucky to have a wonderful cook with him to create yummy stuff for him. :-)Praying for you Budddy :-) - pot,edward, sab & jaime

  2. Manolet, my kids and I will be praying for his recovery. My mom went through the same thing (Lymphoma St 3 and chemotherapy) and was able to pull through. I'm sure Buddy will get well soon.
    -Niza Reyes

  3. Ria and Buddy: It would be impossible to read all that has happened in a seemingly short period of time, given you live 17 hours away, and not believe that God indeed has his hand in all that is happening, and how it is all coming together. I was glad to hear you had some rest and alone time, and that those who love you are surrounding you with their presence, food, and flowers! Continued prayers for answers and strength. And Ria, you have a great sense of humor. Sometimes if we can't find the humor in such painful physical and emotional times it only leaves us the option of crying or being angry. I hope you get you wheelchair driver's license soon, but then again...What are they going to do, extradite you from the Phillipines on a bump and walk charge? Not likely...and I do believe they're more lenient on the partners of patients. Nurses...they have no mercy for...Keep giggling, when you can. I'm sure it's a sound that Buddy loves to hear. How blessed we would all be to have a partner like you in times like these. You are an angel. :) God Bless, Christine

  4. Mommy Daddy we try to go to mass everyday!!!:):):)

  5. Hi Ria and Buddy... we are constantly praying for Buddy's recovery. We are in one with your whole family as we lift up Buddy in the powerful healing hands of Jesus. We can only hope and pray more for God's continued strength, courage, provision and comfort over your entire family esp during this time. We Claim that Buddy gets better and completely healed in Jesus' name. Amen!

    Hang in there, Ria my friend! :)
    Our best Regards and lots of love and prayers....Meriam, Rainier and Lyndon Jimenez :)