Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mojica Send-Off

The weekend before we left was busy as relatives wanted to see Buddy - most of them only learned about all this a few days ago (then again, didn't we all?) -- and they wanted to wish us well.

Sunday lunch was set aside for the Mojicas at Tita Letty's house (Bud's former home before they moved to the US in '74). It was great to see everybody in one place! 

We started with a mass officiated by Fr. Arevalo who also blessed and annointed Bud. Once again, Bud's parents joined the Mass via Skype.  Fr. Arevalo was great -- what I remember him saying is that we were all there because we believed that God would save Buddy, so if anyone in the room had any doubt that God would help us, then he or she just better leave the room because they were just ruining the collective power of the faith.

We learned from the Mojicas that Buddy's dad had been crying when people called him up to greet him Happy Birthday last March 31.  You see, the day we got the MRI results, Easter Sunday, was actually Dad Mando's birthday. So when we called him to tell him the results, we had to apologize for the bad news we were bringing on his birthday.

But it was a great day to see everyone, if only it were for a happier occasion. Bud was touched that even relatives from Batangas drove to Manila just for this. It is heart-warming to see just how many people actually love him:)


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