Friday, April 5, 2013

Today begins...

Bud was Skyping with Mike this morning and Mike suggested putting up a blog to make keeping everyone posted on what's happening easier. For me, it's more of journaling what is happening and what I'm thinking and feeling, so I don't forgive me if I will ramble at some point....or whatever...or what I post seems unimportant to the time I posted it, it was important to me...



  1. Hi Ria, such a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing your journey with us and for keeping us updated as it'll be certainly easier with family and friends all over the globe. We continue to pray for Buddy and send you our love. - Rinna & Dondi

    1. Someone like you in this family is what makes us strong! After 14 years, we too are so "patay na patay" with you dearest Ria! We cannot thank Buddy enough for bringing you in!!! Your overflowing love and strength is awesome and inspiring! Keep our hugs tightly close to your hearts guys. We are with you in this journey, alllll the way!!! - Love, Tita Telly