Monday, April 8, 2013

We have arrived in MN!

After a 17-hour trip, we are finally here in MN!

We checked the status of the DHL package we sent to the Mayo Clinic last week and found that they had received it this morning. So Buddy called his contact, Bridget, and she said that she is currently inputting the data, and the doctors who reviewed his records are suggesting that he see a General Practitioner, as opposed to our request to see a Hematologist, as he has more symptoms that also need to be addressed.

We are now just waiting for the email confirmation of our 1st appointment, hopefully sooner than later this week.



  1. Hi Ria & Buddy!

    So glad you have arrived safe and sound in Minnesota - so perfect that you can stay with Mom and Pop and be so close to Mayo.

    We "Chicago Mojicas" are all thinking of you each step of the way and are praying for you, for the kids, and for the doctors to discern the best plan to get you healthy again. Anna & Katherine even have their classes praying for you, and I've got all my Bible Study friends keeping you in their prayers as well. Just think - you have family and friends all over the world praying for you (including people you've never met!).

    Today my Bible Study leader gave me a card that reads "...the Lord said (to Paul) 'My grace is all you need. Only when you are weak can everything be done completely by my power....' it is when I am weak that I am really strong". This made me think of Buddy - as you are weak (physically), you can still feel the incredible spiritual strength of God... and hopefully you also feel all the strength your family and friends are sending you too!

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Once you have a plan in place, we are anxious to come see you up in Minnesota, or have you take a break and come see us in Chicago (maybe it will be a little warmer here?!)

    Take Care, and know that we are with you both!

    Love, Lisa (& Mike, Evan, Thomas, Jonathan, Anna & Katherine too!)

  2. hi buddy and ria,
    this is your cousin of a cousin, freddie, son of tito bok and tita memeng. i am so sorry i was not able to join the mojica lunch and pray with you guys, believing as we all do in the full recovery of buddy. my prayers are with you, in particular, that your lives may overflow with all the blessings the Lord Jesus will pour out upon you. may your minds be filled with peace, your hearts with hope, your spirits with great expectation. by His stripes, we are healed, and i pray for the fullest manifestation of His word.
    be blest...and my warmest regards and best birthday wishes to tito mando.