Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our Sanchez-Estrella Family

Aside from the fact that I married one of the nicest and handsomest guys ever, who is so obviously still crazy over me (14 years later) of the biggest reasons I am so thankful to God for marrying Buddy is for making me part of his Sanchez-Estrella family.

This is a big, close-knit family full of loud people who love to eat and laugh and welcome anybody into their homes with open arms.  Everytime there is an Estrella gathering, we practically drop whatever else it is we're doing to make sure that we're there.

So today, we invited them over to our home for a mass and dinner afterwards.  Although some of them were not with us physically, we know they were with us in spirit and in prayer.  

As Buddy said earlier, whatever it is that he has, with all his family supporting him, it chose the wrong person to pick on and we're ready to royally kick some a**!!!

Buddy saying grace before the meal...too bad we weren't able to take pics during the mass...Bianca did the 1st Reading, I did the Resp Psalm and Bud did the 2nd Reading.
We were supposed to have a simple dinner of bacon cheeseburgers  but Tita Myrna and Tito Willie Sanchez brought steak, fettuccine, apple pie and mango float; while Ginger and Gil dela Fuente brought yummy food from Hap Chan - Fish Lip soup, assorted dimsum, crispy noodles with seafood, sweet & sour pork, beef broccoli and yang chow fried rice. Tita Telly & Tito Rico Agcaoili brought some Chicken Galantina from Barbara's and Tita Sylvia Caniza brought her famous apple pie and fruit cake. Gab Agcaoili also brought special pansit Malabon from Amber's! And who brought the raisin bread???  At least some of my Apple-Cinnamon Bread Pudding got eaten, as well...
Our awesome family!
More of the young ones...Gab, thanks for the surprise visit and the Talino At Ejemplo (TAE) performance that brought the house down!
Thanks to Tito Rico Agcaoili for bringing our priest for the day!



  1. I totally agree! I love this family and we are so lucky to have their full support! Love is all we need. And that we get a lot from the Estrellas. - Leah Sanchez

  2. Hahahahaha! You are welcome Buddy and Ria! Have a safe trip tomorrow. I leave on Tuesday. If there is anything you need from the Bay Area; please do not hesitate to let me know! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!