Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Chilling

...literally...we are expecting more snow tomorrow in Minnesota...I told Bud that my hands and toes have never really been warm since I arrived here over a week ago...

Yesterday and today were light days and we had a lot of time to just chill and relax and sleep.

Bud was finally able to eat something yesterday, and he actually finished a whole waffle for breakfast. Some HS friends sent flowers and Rinna sent a care basket (yes, more food!).  

This morning, Bud's BFFs John and Steve once again drove over before they went to work (they left their homes at 5:30 am to be here around 7:30 and left around 9am), and were very happy to see Bud in much better shape than last Saturday.

We had nothing scheduled for today so we just attended mass at noon and then spent most of the afternoon napping...forgot to take pics during the day so this is all I have...the 2 of us mugging for the camera...notice I am wearing a hat indoors trying to keep warm in vain!



  1. Oh good old Minnesota weather, and unfortunately anything you'd need at this point you can't find in a store. Please let me know if you'd like me to send warmer gloves (I'm a mittens girl myself, because my fingers need each other to stay warm.), wool socks, turtlenecks, sweaters, scarves, a warm down jacket,...Whatever you think would help you bear the cold a little easier. It would be no problem, and honestly...I'm getting ready to switch out my drawers with my spring and summer clothes. You can email me or inbox me on FB. I really don't like being cold...So I sympathize with you Ria. :) If Buddy needs anything I can send him cool weather gear as well. The two of you mugging it is adorable, and Buddy looks better today than over the weekend. You must be taking great care of him. Praying about your visit to Mayo tomorrow. God Bless, Christine Tuite-Staib :)

  2. Happy to see Buddy up and about and eating na again. Hoping for better news!! Praying for you also, Ria! Continue to be strong! Hugs!

  3. Ri you cant imagine the heat in Manila, so another blessing that you are there, trying to keep warm while we are all melting away!! Anyway been following your blog and so nice happy to see you two so sweet :-) been praying for you and Buddy. If Buddy is challenging this sickness and will prove to us that he is actually superman, you, on the other hand, continue to prove you really are not just a supermom but a superwife! God bless you two more, your strength, faith and humor are a blessing to us, spectators and prayer warriors --Catherine A.

  4. So happy that Buddy ate a whole waffle! Yes, the heat here is something else, besides, Ria looks cute naman in the hat. Hehe. We continue our prayers - for a positive response to the treatments, and that you both remain strong during this challenge. Buddy, you can do this! Love you! - Trinna