Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waiting for Tomorrow

We are finally in Rochester, staying at the Double-Tree by Hilton (thanks Mike!).  It was a good thing Mike suggested for us to drive down ahead because as we were packing (and Buddy napped), I read the letter they sent Buddy and learned that the initial tests may take 5-8 days. So instead of packing for 2 nights, we ended up taking all our clothes with us to Rochester, in case we do have to stay here until next week.

There's supposed to be a snowstorm tonight, too so we're glad to have avoided that already and the Mayo Clinic is only a shuttle ride away.  This morning, I woke up to everything blanketed with fine snow.  Good thing Mom and I finished our errands yesterday and I got to wear my brand new boots today:)

We've been trying to fatten Buddy up, getting him whatever he wants to eat while he's here...and even giving in to jetlag snacking...

Here we are ready to leave for Rochester...(need to remind Bud to get a better shot of my new boots!)...

And here's our room at the Double Tree...since Bud is fasting for tomorrow's tests, we agreed not to eat our free welcome cookies until he's allowed to eat:)

Wish us luck tomorrow!!!!



  1. You're both looking so smart and sassy! So happy you're seeing Mayo doctors tomorrow. You are in good hands. We are praying for you big time! Hugs

  2. Thanks for this. It matters so much to us knowing what's going on with you while you're away from us. Stay positive! We are with you! - leah sanchez

  3. We are continously praying for Buddy. God bless you all always ;-) - pot