Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mayo: Day 1

Today was a long day at Mayo Clinic.  We had to register by 7:30 am so we left the hotel at 6:50. Then we had time for a quick breakfast in the cafeteria before our 8:15 appointment with the doctors.

We met with Dr. Chance Witt, a cardiology resident who took Bud's history and did his check-up and found that on top of everything else, he now has a heart murmur, which wasn't there 2 weeks ago when we did the 2D echo in Medical City.

He then called in his boss Dr. Wayne Miller who confirmed his findings -- which was consistent with how Bud has been feeling lately as he is very aware when his heart is beating irregularly.

Bud was then subjected to a slew of lab tests (6 big vials of blood), an ECG and 2D echo. What was amazing was that within 5 min of the 2d echo being done, we went back to Dr. Witt and all the lab, ECG and Echocardiogram results were already with him. Those would have easily taken 3-5 days in Medical City.

Tomorrow, we are scheduled to meet with a Hematologist at 9:00am and for a Cardio MRI at 3:30pm.  Whatever he has looks like it is moving fast and new symptoms are cropping up that weren't there previously.  

What is obvious is that this is a very complicated case and several departments need to be involved, as there are too many symptoms that still don't add up.  But seeing what we have today, we are confident that we are in the right place.

God continues to show us that He is here with us on our journey... the whole day today, Dr. Witt had been trying to schedule us with Hematology ASAP, as the MRI readings were confirmed by their Radiology Dept, to no avail. But at 5pm, as we were napping back at the hotel, he finally called us to say that a patient cancelled an appt tomorrow, which is why we were able to get a 9am appointment. Amazing, right?

Even the fact that his irregular heartbeat presented itself most of the day, from the time we met the doctors at 8:15 until the end of the 2D Echo at 2:30, is a blessing because, although this started 2 weeks ago, it doesn't happen everyday, and usually doesn't last for long.  Just the other day, Bud's cardiologist cousin Dr. Ruffy Festin visited us and checked his heartbeat, and everything was normal. And by the time we got back to the hotel today at 4pm, Bud's heartbeat was back to normal.  It's as if God made sure that the doctors saw it today.

And was it fate or chance that no senior General Practioner was on duty yesterday, so they sent us to Cardiology instead for our 1st meeting?

On a side note, Randy, the hotel limo driver / bellman recommended what he thinks is the best pizza in Rochester and we have to agree...Mr. Pizza is soooooo good!!!



  1. I am glad that Buddy is getting the best medical team and services there in Mayo Clinic. It seems that God is sending you both all kinds of Earth Angels to ensure a quick diagnosis, and I am sure of it, an immediate treatment and recovery plan as well. As complicated as Bud's medical condition may be, God is with you in your journey, as you have said. Hang on to His Hand, Ri. It may get bumpy, but you have nothing to fear as long as He is with you. Love you both and hope to see you for a weekend there when a treatment plan is in place.

    Bud -- let's make a deal. You gain at least 10 lbs, and I lose 20 by the time my plane lands in Minneapolis. EAT UP ;-). -- <3 Buda

  2. As I told Buddy on the phone this afternoon, you are not at the best hospital in Minnesota. You are not at the best hospital in the United States. You are at the BEST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD. Period. There is no better place to be and I'm glad you're there. I have zero concern that you won't get the very best treatment. You guys are finally taking the first steps on your journey back from illness. I'm sure within the next few days you'll be able to confirm the diagnosis then the fun part begins. Fixing it. Prayers are important. So is eating. And sleeping. Rest well tonight. See you soon. Love, Mike

  3. I am so happy you are working with the best doctors, and that God assigned pa a very compassionate resident to handle your case as a bonus! It's time to get you back in shape, so glad you decided to go to Mayo even if traveling posed a challenge. I am sure God is listening to all our prayers, especially the prayers of the kids. Take care, and eat lots of Mr. Pizzas!!! - Trinna